What We Do

The Six Pillars That Shape CATO Roles


We speak with one voice by and for all members We are the collective voice of the travel industry and speak up on issues that matter to our members, key stakeholders, and partners. We put our best foot forward and raise awareness on what matters most, whether that’s lobbying with the government, drafting new legislation, or fighting for the implementation of responsible and sustainable tourism practices.

Data Intelligence

The strength of our voice is in our numbers CATO shares, collects and curates data on behalf of its members and the industry. CATO’s most recent Economic Impact Assessment (pub. 2021) reported members generated more than $7 billion dollars in revenue, employed more than 4,700 full-time employees, 73% of whom were women, and contributed over a billion dollars in federal and provincial taxes.


We build strength through unity There’s strength in unity. CATO leads the charge on open discussions, emphasizes the underlying importance of collaboration and peer-to-peer networking, and strives to create an environment in which all members feel valued and heard, regardless of brand, size of company or notoriety.

Industry Think Tank

CATO provides a secure environment and platform to facilitate discussions on industry or regulatory issues by providing uninhibited and unlimited access to real-time discussions. Topics and forums are either presented to members or curated by members.


Exclusive access to knowledge experts CATO provides a series of engaging seminars, lectures, and presentations to its members and actively facilitates new learning opportunities whenever possible. We believe in keeping our members well-informed and up-to-date on the most pressing industry issues.


CATO is committed to developing and enhancing the synchronization of members on issues of shared concern and common good. Such issues may be as straightforward as ensuring a level playing field to intricate best practices for environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG).

Our Principles

And What CATO Believes In


We represent all tour operators big or small, niche or mass, and anyone in between.


We wish to reflect and represent the make-up and diversity of our industry


We are removing historical and financial barriers, enabling more members to join


Every voice matters! We foster a fair, respectful, transparent and open environment


We seek to make our industry better, more responsible and rise to new heights


Stronger together: we work as team leveraging our members diverse expertise