Our membership compromises some of the biggest travel brands in Canada, smaller long standing business, niche companies, aspiring start-ups, supporting members and anyone in between. Our door is open to any tour operator with a passion for our industry.

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Why join CATO?

We seek to make our industry better, more responsible and rise to new heights for the benefit of all – our members, employees, travellers and people and communities we serve here in Canada and around the world. Whether the challenge is taking on employment equity, sustainability, climate change or any other shared responsibility; we help ourselves most by helping others more.

We are stronger together.

That, above all is the raison d’être of CATO.

Becoming a member with CATO is easy!

Joining CATO opens the door to a suite of opportunities for tour operators in Canada’s travel industry, such as:

  • Access to CATO’s curated data, in-depth reports, market research and intelligence, and past meeting summaries
  • Access to data shared by other parties and natural alliances such as USTOA and ETOA.
  • Ability to submit polls and surveys to memberships
  • Invites to exclusive events and members-only meetings
  • Networking opportunities with fellow industry members
  • Community support on matters pertinent to Canada’s travel and tourism sector

There are two ways to join, as full member (Tour operator/ wholesaler) or supporting member (DMC, Tourist boards, suppliers).

Annual Fees

Full Members (Tour operator/ Wholesaler) Supporting Member (DMC’s, Tourist Boards & Suppliers)
Annual gross sales volume below or at $10 million
Annual gross sales volume above or at $10 million $3,000 N/A
N/A $750

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